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                      High concentration compound fertilizer

                      Brief introduction

                      Compound fertilizer refers to chemical fertilizer containing three elements, including, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, or two of them.


                      binary compound fertilizer: containing two element of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium;
                      temary compound fertilizer: containing 3 elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium;
                      muti-compound fertilizer: containing 3 elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other medium elements or microelement;
                      multi-functional compound fertilizer: in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, containing of pesticide of auxin;

                      available nutrient            Grade
                      temary ≥ 40%                         High concentration compound fertilizer
                      temary: 30%~39%                  middle grade concentration compound fertilizer
                      temary: 25%~29%                  low concentration compound fertilizer
                      binary:≥ 20%                        low concentration compound fertilizer

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